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'Fingerprint' Touch markers are for illustrative purposes and not present in the actual App.

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What can Sub Buddy do for you?

If you play WW2 Submarine games, or you have an interest in historical mathematical devices, or want to become a wiz at 'whizz wheels', then Sub Buddy is for you!

With both the German U-boat Attack Disc and the brand new TADS Computer disc, together with our unique 'Visual AoB Helper' tool, you can perform a huge amount of complex calculations incredibly quickly and far faster than with a calculator or a spreadsheet whether you play US Navy, German U-boats or any other submarine game. 

In fact, most calculations take the rotation of only one ring with respect to another.

If you would like to be able to learn how the historically accurate* German 'Attack Disc' worked and how it makes intercepting convoys, planning torpedo attacks and fast and accurate torpedo solutions possible, then Sub Buddy is for you!

Sub Buddy also contains 27 Tutorial Videos that not only explain the overall concepts behind the Attack Disc and our TADS Computer disc, but also break down virtually every type of calculation you could want to learn for your sub-sim gameplay!

Here is the list of what you will learn within minutes for each disc, and then a full simulated approach and attack using both discs together!

Attack Disc

1. Introduction to the Attack Disc

2. Finding Target AOB from Known Target Course

3. Finding Target Course from Known AOB

4. Converting Relative Bearing to True Bearing

5. Converting True Bearing to Relative Bearing

6. Determining Attack Course for a Zero-Gyro-Angle Shot

7. Determining Attack Course for a Gyro-Angled Shot

TADS Computer

1. Introduction to the TADS Computer

2. Parts and Basic Use

3. Performing Time-Speed-Distance Calculations

4. Computing Distance Off Target Track

5. Calculating Target Range

6. Computing AOB from Range and Length

7. Calculating Target Speed from a Constant Bearing

8. Computing Target Speed from a Changing Relative Bearing

9. Computing Target Speed Using Fixed Wire

10. Computing Target Speed Using Advanced Fixed Wire

11. Computing Target Speed by Doubling Masts in Scope

12. Computing Lead Angle for a Zero-Gyro-Angle “Fast 90” Attack

13. Computing Lead Angle at Any AOB

14. Computing Turn Radius for Underwater Dead Reckoning

15. Computing Chord Length for Underwater Dead Reckoning

Using Both Discs

1. Intercepting Distant Contacts

2. Perpendicular Attack Course and Optimum Speed for Approach

3. Setup for a “Fast 90” Attack

4. Setup for Straight Shot at Specific AOB

5. Setup for Angled Shot at Specific AOB

On Apple iPad (and now iPhones running iOS 14+) you can even watch these built-in videos using Picture-in-Picture** whilst you operate the app, following along with hands-on learning!

On top of the two discs, we've created the 'Visual AoB Helper' tool so that you never have to guess Angle on Bow again, regardless of weather conditions or time of day!

Check out sample videos from this comprehensive learning suite below!

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Attack Disc - 1. Introduction to the Attack Disc

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TADS - 2. Parts and Basic Use

iPad - horizontal.png

Visual AoB Helper Tool

'Fingerprint' Touch markers are for illustrative purposes and not present in the actual App.

* The Attack Disc is available in Original German and an English Translation and minor changes compared to the actual Disc have been made to make it more suitable for use on a digital device as well as increased readability for small screen sizes. 

**Picture-in-Picture is only available on all Apple iPads running iOS/iPadOS 12+ and all iPhones running iOS 14+.

Apple iPhones running iOS 12 & iOS 13, and Android Devices are able to play the videos fullscreen but Airplay to an Apple TV, or Google Cast to an Android TV is available.

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