Frequently asked questions

What are the App Requirements?

Sub Buddy fully supports all iOS Devices running iOS 12.0 or newer. If you have macOS and would like Sub Buddy on macOS please let us know by completing our poll! Windows will not be supported at the present time.
Sub Buddy on android requires Nougat 7.0.0 or newer. Whilst we've made every effort to make Sub Buddy available for the largest range of android devices, some devices even with this requirement may not be compatible. If your android device struggles to load the Attack Disc, there is a setting in the 'Settings Cog' that allows you to enable a mode that may work better with devices with low ram or an old GPU.

I'm using android and my device struggling to display the Attack Disc properly.

We've made all of the art assets on these discs to a very high resolution and standard, but older or android devices with a small amount of ram or a slow gpu may struggle. We've added a setting in the 'Settings Cog' on the Attack Disc screen to enable compatability with devices that are struggling, at the expense of some resolution. We've had great feedback that this works fine for devices that aren't powerful enough to run Sub Buddy in maximum resolution.

What does TADS stand for?

The TADS computer stands for Time, Angle, Distance and Speed. It is a custom and unique circular logarithmic slide rule with some brand new functionality that allows the user to perform virtually any calculation, including complex triganometry, torpedo solutions and even underwater turn plotting in just seconds. Check out the videos in the app to learn how to use the TADS Computer.

What about the US Navy "IS-WAS"?

Whilst developing Sub Buddy we considered making the "IS-WAS" however the beauty and functionality of the German Attack Disc combined with our own TADS Computer meant that both these discs could do everything the "IS-WAS" could, and more. So we decided we'd add an English Translation mode to the German Attack Disc and that would allow players of both genres to be able to get the maximum from these types of discs. Adding the "IS-WAS" would almost be a duplication of our two discs, but with reduced functionality, however we never say never.